Monday, March 7, 2016

Announcement regarding adfly links

UPDATE (April 2017)

We were able to afford to transfer our forum to a new one with the money earned through Adfly but we would like to continue using adfly for some of the links to fund our new site and to cover expenses regarding our domain.

[We have been thinking about transferring to a better but paid forum provider (from Zetaboards to invisionpower) and since we don't accept donations, we figured that we can use links instead to raise funds to be able to pay for the forum service.]

 We will NOT be using any of the money earned through links for ourselves but will solely be used for keeping and/or upgrading the forum. We will share a screenshot of our adfly account every month if needed. 

We apologize for resorting to using adfly links but this is the easiest and the most convenient option available without having to ask for donations. And everyone are able to support us/contribute simply just by clicking our links. 

Thanks for reading 😊

-Teamaces Staff
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