*How long does it take for videos to be subbed? 
We can’t give a definite answer to this question as there are a lot of factors that can affect the speed of the subbing process. Usually it depends on the length of the clip that we are subbing and well as the availability of our staff. Our team consists of people from all over the world, so time difference is another thing that contributes to slowing down the subbing process.

Excluding the time taken to translate, a five minute clip can take an hour or more to sub. The process consists of Timing, Typesetting, Quality Checking, Encoding and lastly Uploading. Sometimes things don’t always go smoothly and we may encounter sync/connection errors.

Be reminded that we too have our own lives to live, lives that consist of more than just sitting in front of our computers subbing videos for free. So, please don't ever rush us about subbing.

*How can I access your forums?
You will need to register first (forums.team-aces.com/register) . Please read our rules carefully and adhere to them to avoid being permanently banned. After you have successfully created your account, mention us on twitter (@teamaces_) about the username that you used to register on our forums or you can email us at approvemeteamaces@gmail.com so we can validate your account. After which, you will have immediate access to our subbed videos.

*How long does it take to get my forum account approved?
Please wait at least 24 hours before contacting us a second time regarding your account as we approve members manually on our forums. If you still can’t log in after 24 hours after registration, you can email us/mention us again.

*Where are you all from?
Our staff are from various places: Korea,  USA, Mexico,  Indonesia, Canada, Singapore,  Japan,  France,  Spain,  England,  Peru,  Argentina,  Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Malaysia,  United Arab Emirates,  Australia,  Philippines,  Turkey and Jordan.

*Do you get paid?
No. We do not sub for profit. We sub solely with the goal to help international fans understand WINNER better.

*Do you accept donations?
We don’t accept donations. But thanks! We appreciate the kind thought J

*Can you add my language to your translated languages?
It will depend on the demand and whether we can find enough translators for that particular language. We do have plans to add more languages in the future; feel free to suggest the language that you wish to be added so we can consider it in our future options.

*How long will it take to re-upload a video that has been taken down?
It will depend on the availability of our uploaders. Please make sure you have tried all alternative links for the particular clip you wish to watch before asking us to re-upload something. We will only re-upload once all alternative streaming links for that clip are no longer working.

*Can I add your videos to my page?
Before doing anything else, please read our rules very carefully.

*Can I still join your team?

We are always in need of people who have time and are willing to help us.  Do read the prerequisites for your desired role carefully and submit the application form 
We are an independent subbing team for YG Entertainment's quintet boy group — WINNER. We are not affiliated in any form to any Winner fansite and/or forum. Please visit our forums to view alternative links for our releases!